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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy lets the users to know about this websites processes to deal with the personal information and details of the users. In addition to this, this section also explains the following things that you as a user must be aware of:

  • How personal information about the users and visitors is shared?
  • What does the website do to control collected data?
  • How does the website collect and process the data of the users?
  • How do the correction and/or deletion of your personal details and information work?

The website won’t use or share any details of the users with anyone. Also, you should keep in mind that the privacy policy won’t be responsible if the data is collected by other means or through any unknown sources.


Use Of The Technologies On The Website You Are Accessing:

The website also makes proper utilization of Google Adwords, Analytics ad other Conversion Tracking tools. All these tools and technologies are available on the website for tracking information about the users. In addition to this, there are some other technologies such as cookies and other tags available on the website. These technologies are specially added to gather demographic information of the users who are accessing and exploring our website. Besides, if you consider rejecting cookies by tapping on the decline option, you may also make use of the website but in a limited form.



It is a recommendation to read out the privacy policy of the website in a proper manner. Apart from that, if you have any issues and come across any doubts, you should immediately contact us. We have a special team of professionals and experts who will provide you with the right guidance regarding the same.

So, instead of exploring the website without going through the privacy policy of the website, you should properly read it out. Your consent is quite necessary if you are looking to access the website.